Latest Original Design of The Bridge On The River Kwai Kanchanaburi

This month has been busy. I have just run my first print of the Bridge on the River Kwai t-shirts. I got a local Thai artist to draw the bridge. Many of my customers tell me that they want a souvenir that is more authentically Thai and I like to support my local community of artists. I got this one drawn up by one of our local Thai artists and printed in Thailand. What do you think?


I really like it. They come in white and black.


The best part is that these shirts are 100% original. None of the mass market stuff you buy in stalls around town that are drawn or Photoshoped by some anonymous person – from who knows where – manufactured in a sweatshop in Cambodia and printed in Thailand. These are 100% Thai cotton shirts, manufactured and printed in Thailand and designed by a local Thai artist.

I am going to get some more designs made soon from some more of the artists in Kanchanaburi. If you like the designs and you’re in Town, come buy and support my business and support my community.

Stay tuned for more shirts soon. Image

P.S. all my shirts are in western sizes. I know we have smaller frames so I made sure I ordered bigger sizes for you.




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